On August 20th at 11:59 pm I found myself at a door.  It was the last minute of my fifties, the last minute of lingering in a decade, the last minute of mouth shaping the number 5 when someone asked me my age.  I was standing at the mysterious place of in-between where space suspends and anti-gravity moments carry you free floating weightless in time.  Mindfully, I merge atom by atom through the magical door, transforming my aging self into 60.  60 so much bigger than 50, calls me to honor wisdom as an innate gift in my ever changing woman self.

Walking into a new day, August 21st screams “I made it!”  Memories of friends who did not are the candles I light.  This is my Birth-day! A wandering womb day of recalling decades, living rosary beads that chant “Hail Marsie, your life has been full of grace.”

I celebrate 60 in Santa Fe, Sedona and the Grand Canyon, landscapes that carry majestic colors, cavernous paths and incredible beauty.

I celebrate 60 and honor the many landscapes I have inwardly and outwardly traversed, backpacks filled with friends, music and good food.

I celebrate 60 and find myself at a door that welcomes me to turn the knob and enter years waiting to be born.

© 2010 Marsie Silvestro – from my writing group- the prompt was…You find yourself at a door.